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Tara Alexa - before and After                         


Q: How long did it take for your appearance to change to the point where you could hardly recognise yourself ?

A: Well first I cleaned up my diet and then I really started to train. Everything is a process therefore after the first few months of cleaning up my diet I then had to hit the Gym and start training for over 18 months before I felt like a new me. You just have to be dedicated.

Q: Did you have friends who supported you through the process ?

A: Yes I had friends who also attended the gym so I tried to stay close to them to make sure I did not lose motivation. It helps when you can talk to someone about your sessions and how you are feeling. Especially when you don't have a personal trainer.

Q: Did you need any portable training equipment to help with your training ?

A: Yes indeed, portable training equipment was essential to my consistency and progression, I had accessories that allowed me to workout at home as well as in the gym. I made sure I had the right tools for my training because sometimes if you are unable to use a machine because the gym is busy you have to be able to improvise.

Q: What was the hardest thing about your transformation ?

A: for me, my biggest problem was eating the right things. I use to be addicted to junk food but once I cleaned up my Diet and found the right Gym the rest was History.  

Q: Do you have a website ?

Yes, my website is