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Q & A Blog for our Customers

Kyle H (personal coach) -

Q: What are the main benefits of being a personal coach/Personal Trainer ?

A: You get to inspire people to make a change to their lives for the better and I find that very rewarding.

Q: How does portable equipment make your personal Training sessions better ?

A: Honestly, I would not be able to work without Portable equipment for my clients. The essential accessories that you may need in order to conduct a high quality session catered specifically to your client's needs can only be done by finding new and innovative equipment like the accessories you find on the SmashPT website. This keeps me ahead of my Personal Training competition. 

Q: Do you work for yourself or for a larger fitness chain ? and how does that affect the equipment you use ?

A: My day to day job is working for a larger fitness chain but I do also work for myself in my spare time. This means that having portable fitness equipment to take into the gym as well as using portable equipment during my 1-2-1 client's home sessions makes life so much easier. My leisure company employment means I have to be careful but they have actually started to encourage the use of new or innovative equipment in order to improve the client experience.

Q: Do you have a blog or website ?

A: Yes - (go to the members area and scroll down to see our coaches)