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Before Liverpool make comments about racism, its important to think about how we can find long term solutions to this problem. As great as Liverpool can be on the football pitch when they are in full flow, there are racial GAPS in the Uk footballing system that need to be filled before complaining about racism abroad. This problem needs to be addressed from grass roots by providing information to children on the impact that integrating with different Cultures has on society.

Parents and Guardians should receive information resources such as Magazines and online videos on the subject matter from academy level onwards. The structure for how children from Black and ethnic minority deprived communities access football academy life in the UK must be improved.

Apart from books and videos you can also start racial awareness groups at academy level for every Parent to attend with their child.

Other areas of improvement include, how kids are accepted into academies, parents and Guardians should have access to their child if required on training and match days but in a controlled way that does not interfere with match time or obstruct their training. A child should never have to feel vulnerable when under the age of 13 and in the academy set up at their club.

 Mohammad Siraj - Making complaint

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                                             illegal Racial Profiling


Local news : If the police are using technology supported by the UK Government to target young Black business/working males through gps tracking and other methods as a form of psychological harassment then what chance do we stand in moving forward as a progressive society. Why are Corporate boardrooms decade after decade having low numbers from the Black and ethnic minority community ?  There should be measures in place that prevent government and Law enforcement from using technology to assist in locating and psychologically abusing young Black men or individually targeting those trying to move forward from a negative past or develop smaller black businesses through a turbulent Landscape. This is not good for overall mental wellbeing of individuals in the community.

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                              Kyrie Irving Victim of Unacceptable behaviour

Basketball is a sport that captivates Global audiences, therefore race plays an important part in the make-up of all players Mental Wellbeing. Some incidents may be genuinely racist or some incidents may be misinterpreted as racist. However it is important to identify when this behaviour is Genuine and repeated through different areas of the sport in an organised way . For the love of the beautiful game, fans must channel anger, frustration and aggression through different means than to hate someone because of the colour on their skin. Once the perpetrators are identified they shouldn't just be banned or arrested but also asked to attend Mandatory counselling sessions to understand why they think the way they feel and look at realistic steps to change their behaviour through a better understanding of Black culture.



Irving said after the Celtics game :

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            NAOMI OSAKA QUITS Tournament due to Mental Health related 

                                                MEDIA PRESSURE

Athletes from black and Multi-ethnic backgrounds face all kinds of problems whether there is a racial Undertone or NOT. For the World No.2 to withdraw from a Global tournament , this is a clear indication that the structure of how some sports are governed around race and mental Wellbeing is questionable to say the least.



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It is not always that what makes sense for football makes sense for the player.




Even though Dembele was a black Muslim before his marriage. We have to remember that a Muslim in Africa is completely different an Arab Muslim. There are Cultural practices outside of religion that his new Partner may not understand and also the same for some Cultural practices from her Traditions. The reason for writing about this topic is smashPT-wellbeing want to look at the question of , " is this good for the Black Culture ? "

The food from their respective regions are different , the language will never be a barrier because the Language of Islam is one. However , psychology and habits of the psyche may be different as the Arab Culture can be seen as feeling the black culture is somewhat inferior. 

A Decision and compromise will have to be made not just in the case of the Osama Dembele marriage but for all inter-Cultural Marriages between the Black and Arab Culture of who will be the dominant Culture in the household, as this will then influence how you raise your children and what belief systems you want them to adopt.

Dembele such a Unique player, who is under-rated and of world class quality, we hope establishes respect for the Black community with this inter-Cultural marriage.   




WHY is there not an acceptable way for identifying someone who is Trans-Gender ? This has been an on-going issue that should be addressed by the Government not just for the UK But for other countries as well. Outside of competing in sport some individuals who changed sexuality, now identify themselves as females and look as such as well , but if their dress-code now matches their sexuality , why is there still confusion for clearly identifying someone who is LGBTQ. Making the whole situation from a societal point of view more difficult. People should be True to who they are.

The UK Government said the following statement on Wednesday 6th April 2022.     " BIOLOGICAL MALES SHOULDN'T COMPETE IN WOMEN'S ONLY EVENTS " , this statement is overdue . Here at smashptwellbeing we feel that Trans-gender individuals should have sporting competitions created for their own social group, where they can compete more fairly. If there is not enough popularity for their sport then the only right decision is to wait until their learned sport is given a chance to find a big enough audience, which can then allow Sporting officials to integrate this sport into the appropriate world sporting event. 



Similarly, if you are a Black person competing in a sport, you may have your own behavioural psychology practices that is not completely respected by your sporting colleagues or your team mates. Preventing you from being a True representation of yourself. However, by identifying with a particular Brand in fashion that aligns more closely with your Core beliefs Culturally or as an individual, this will allow your professional colleagues to treat you more appropriately and can help you to express yourself in a truer light, bringing the wider public closer to you as a person and as a professional too, allowing you to perform to your TRUE Potential.


Statement Source : The Indian (online) , The Guardian