Our opportunities

Social opportunities:

We are open to hearing from individuals with organic and loyal social followings on facebook, instagram, or other relevant social platforms. The ideal person already operates in an industry where their network will benefit from our products and services. We offer credible and comprehensive Business rewards and company agreements.

Business Collaborations:

Business collaborations that will benefit both parties are essential for the growth of any company. Our collaboration work will involve your business or online communication and information platform publishing information or insights about our business to a captivated audience. We will also discuss various ways in which we can effectively sponsor or promote the online services of your company where possible..

Brand ambassadors:

Brand ambassadors who are able to highlight the benefits that are relative to our sports equipment for individual training and coaching are always welcome. You must believe in our business model and the value that our products and services offer the wider community. The ideal ambassador will have a positive image and also benefit from our Brand association themselves.