WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS ?

            Client Offices, London and around the UK

Business decision makers who want to increase annual profits and turnover by investing in their employee Wellbeing which will improve staff Performance Potential.




How does our Service help your employees to improve Performance ?

Our Service helps your employees by taking away the pressures that can sometimes over-ride their thought process at work. Our weekly Personal Training sessions and spa treatment will help employees to release their tension from built up anxiety and frustration that puts them in a cycle of work life pressure and Private stress at home.

                                           Letting off steam before you re-focus

                              Letting off Steam before you re-focus



We understand that team spirit is a fundamental part of any successful corporation who is able to stay at the top of their game for years and years. Our personal training sessions and small group work-out sessions will give your staff the opportunity to interact with each other in a new environment not related to work, allowing them to open up their mind and attitude towards being more relaxed at work. We have exclusive offerings to local and National events                          ( depending on Pandemic restrictions )  as well as packages for "Overload days". These days, we believe are the best feature of our service, they include Super Car race days, Culturally based comedy events, Fashion events and much more. "Our Overload days" are a relief from consecutive months at work .

We believe that our approach to Employee development will not only minimize sick days, staff illness and accidents at work but it will improve the overall productivity of your company increasing your annual sales figures and quarterly financial statistics.


Why Team Spirit and Cohesion is so important for SUCCESS

If you look at groups who are successful in sports or business, one thing they don't Lack is team spirit or Cohesion. This is something that is developed until it comes naturally to any championship winning team.

Examples of Great modern day Teams include: Manchester City, Barcelona and Liverpool football team

NHL Canadian Ice Hockey Teams include : Pittsburgh or even Washington Capitals

Basketball Teams of old: Chicago Bulls, Miami heat, New York Knicks and in today's modern day game " Golden State Warriors.

The best Teams have unrivaled team spirit and cohesion. This is the same for the best law firms, IT companies, Marketing companies or any other large corporations.



Our packages are designed to get the most out of every employee for your business irrespective of their race, ethnic origin or cultural differences. Not every staff member will respond well to our events , some staff will prefer digital/Virtual events.

Services and Session bookings

Once you have decided on the package that best suits the needs of your company, you will need to fill our contact form to specify your requirements. 

User friendly app to access all services

You can use your mobile phone to make product orders from our "Streetwear and Culture" section


Where do Gym sessions take Place ?

For those who are interested in Personal Training sessions, we do not offer sessions on your Company Premises. Once we agree on the services that suit your company needs, employees will select the most appropriate Fitness centre depending on the gym based closest to your work/offices. Our rule is you should never have to drive more than 30 minutes away from your work for a PT Session. 



The Gyms we work with have facilities in most UK major cities. When your organisation commits to sessions we can then allocate your staff to the most appropriate facility.