Our Story

24hr Personal Training Limited are supported by the SmashPT online shop . The rise of e-commerce has helped 24hr Personal Training Limited trainers to see a swift transition from training single clients in Gyms to potentially working with corporate and Sport clients in London and Multi-ethnic regions around the UK.



SmashPT works in the corporate and local community, providing visual and digital material on Cultural, psychological and physiological topics that help to improve social integration not only in the Corporate environment but in local socio-economic regions also.

A high percentage of females working in the corporate environment are married with private life stresses at home on top of added stresses at work. Our company will provide a digital resource that keep employees up to date with music , spirituality and psychology in a way that gives them a level playing field with colleagues in their workplace from a younger generation. Our content will also keep older staff up to date with what their sons, daughters and younger members of their family are up to on a daily basis.

From the Multi-ethnic sector of the corporate community, both Black and Indian middle aged men can benefit from the unmatched range of footwear provided, giving you the edge for both comfort and rigidity when having your corporate basketball tournament. You will find our footwear are also great for that heavy workout Gym session or general outdoor streetwear. SmashPT Champions economic disparity by addressing socio-economic imbalances through digital sports culture.



Our background comes from the hustle and bustle of Personal Training in the World's Greatest city, London. Most office staff who have children will find our online shop a useful resource for newly released sportswear for their kids.