Our Story

24hr Personal Training Limited are supported by the SmashPT online shop. We offer Cultural sports merchandise and provide Wellbeing services . Our store is mainly a pop-up service where products become available to our social media followers and members before Events.   " Wellbeing in Sport and society" .



AIR PHILOSOPHY works in the corporate and local community, providing visual and digital material on Cultural, psychological and physiological topics that help to change the understanding towards modern Culture, harnessing socio-economic development . 


We are also the Alternative company that know everyone is not the same, therefore if employment is not for you because of Cultural integration issues affecting society, then we support looking at options that can benefit others through business or working with new groups. Therefore it is important to consider individuals not just from a corporate employee Working background but sports and Music too. This can be done through the right financial support systems that prevent individuals from turning their back on work or developing Business all together. Financial support for those individuals who have registered an active businesses but may be finding things difficult navigating through current economic climates, should be provided just the same or even with more benefits than for those who receive un-employment benefit through social Welfare because that individual or business is trying to contribute to the Local economy. There has been proven evidence that small businesses contribute the most to our economy's yearly GDP, so on going support should be provided for the self employed and smaller struggling businesses.

An individuals Wellbeing can deeply be affected by lack of work or social-integration. For those of you who are working, it has been noted that a high percentage of females in the corporate environment are married with private life stresses at home on top of added stresses at work. Therefore, If you choose our Company services we will provide a digital resource that keeps your team up to date with music , spirituality and psychological views on social development. 

From the Multi-ethnic sector of corporate community, both Black and Indian middle aged men can benefit from the unmatched range of footwear provided through our pre-event pop up store, giving them the edge for both comfort and rigidity when having your local sports  tournament. SmashPT Champions economic disparity by addressing socio-economic imbalances through digital sports culture.



Our background comes from the hustle and bustle of the World's Greatest city, London. Our product Purchase options are a useful resource for newly released Adults and Kids sports merchandise . Please speak with one of our Culture or sports representatives