Our Story

24hr Personal Training Limited are supported by the SmashPT online shop . The rise of e-commerce has helped 24hr Personal Training Limited trainers see a swift transition from training single clients in Gyms to potentially working with corporate clients all over the UK. With Spa treatments, Swimming, Nutrition, Physio, Personal Training and Company Events, 24hr Personal Training Limited are taking staff wellbeing Packages to new heights, giving total fulfillment to all commercial business clients.


SmashPT wellbeing provide a unique opportunity for kids to showcase their talent to the world through one streamline social media platform. We receive videos sent to our e-mail address or facebook, allowing people worldwide to view children performing their favourite sport at different stages of their development. We also work with professional scouting agencies who are on the look out for talented kids.

The Purpose of our online store is to allow parents the opportunity to give their children the best chance of success at whatever sport they take to from an early stage in their development. We provide equipment and accessories that you may not find in a physical shop or anywhere else and deliver this equipment to your door, allowing your child to start practising their favourite sport straight away.


London, Big Ben

 Our products are sourced from around the world and our highest Quality products shipped from London. We provide fantastic Value, with Products that will last through your child's stage of early development. With a Network of personal Trainers that support other parts of our business services, we also provide Personal Training and Yoga accessories delivered to your door anywhere in the world. Our Personal Training and Yoga accessories are one off pieces that either cannot be beaten on Price or Cannot be beaten on quality. We provide Personal Training accessories that clients or trainers would find it hard to get by attending their local sports shop. This service allows personal Trainers and fitness enthusiasts around the world to access the portable training essentials that they may otherwise be unable to find in their local store.


Our background comes from the hustle and bustle of Personal Training in the World's Greatest city, London. Now a days everyone has family ties,and some of us are married with Kids, therefore we found that keeping our children pro-active in ways that nurtures their talent was essential to their development. Some of us attend Sunday leagues with our Kids for soccer, rugby or even Bsketball, while others might play Tennis. Whatever sport it is that gets your child going we are sure to have the right equipment they need in order to get started or to enhance their development.